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NEW: Spray Tan Plus:$40

Our Spray Tan Plus Deal includes 

  • full body spray tan

  • exfoliation mit

  • primer

  • clay drying powder

  • hydrofirm solution

  • the option of our dazzle spray-glitter that is applied the day after the spray


  • an odor neutralizer spray

Special Deals!

4 Spray Tans in 30 days:$85

Wedding Deals:

  • Bride: 3 spray tans for $75 and get one FREE

  • Four Members of the Wedding Party buy a Spray Tan and Bride gets one FREE Spray Tan

  • Full Body: $30

  • Single: $25

  • Arms and Legs: $15

  • Legs: $10

  • Face: $5


I received a spray tan from Carrie at Tan, Etc. for my engagement photos. I was absolutely in love, I am pale so tanning would take me forever to get to the level I wanted. This spray tan did not budge, I shaved, exfoliated, scrubbed, and did just about everything to it and it was still gorgeous.Carrie was incredible, she walked me through every step, talked to me about everything that she was doing, gave me so many options and explained every option and even made sure I had her number in case I needed any touch ups. I already have my appointment for my wedding and will never go anywhere else when I am in need of a tan!



  1. Before Your Session: The better you have prepared your skin beforeyour session will be one of the main deciding factors determining the longevity of your tan. Well exfoliated and moisturized skin will retain color longer and fade more evenly. Make your appointment 1-2 days before your special event. Manicure/Pedicure or nails BEFORE airbrush sunless session. Plan your day around your tan.  You cannot sweat or get wet until after your first shower. Shower and Shave before your spray tan but do not shave immediately before your airbrush session!  Your pores will still be open and you will get spotted legs! Do not apply deodorant, perfume, body oils, lotions/moisturizers, makeup or any other type of product on your skin that may act as a barrier to the DHA in the tan.  DO NOT USE DOVE products before your session.  They will block the spray tan.

  2. At Your Session: Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops to your appointment. We want you to feel comfortable during your session.  It is your choice to wear as much or as little as you choose.  We do provide disposable undergarments for you to wear while being sprayed.  However, we do encourage you to wear your own undergarments or swimsuit keeping tan line results in mind.

  3. After Your Session (While tan is developing): If you have been sprayed in the evening and sleep in your spray, wear a long-sleeved shirt and long bottoms. Your spray tan will darken with time.  The solution contains a cosmetic bronzer that gives you immediate color while your tan develops-this is not the color you will be once your tan has fully developed.  You will need to wait a minimum of 8 to 12 hours before your first shower.

  4. Your First Shower: Wash with warm water only, no soap or washcloth. Gently use your hands to clean the sprayed areas.  Make sure all the excess bronzer is washed off.  You will know once the shower water is clear.  It is important to always pat yourself dry with a towel.  DO NOT RUB!  

  5. Maximize the Life of Your Spray Tan: Keep shaving to a minimum.  Shaving exfoliates your tan and will decrease the life of your tan.  Use SULFATE FREE and NON-ACIDIC products; shampoos, body washes, soaps, lotions.  Sulfate strips off the DHA.  Moisturizing daily with a high quality lotion after each shower and throughout the day will extend the life of your tan.  Generally speaking, the cheaper a product is the more likely the ingredients are not going to be a good quality (Suave, etc.).  Tan, Etc. carries sunless care products along with tan extending moisturizers to ensure satisfactory, long lasting results!  Tans last an average of 5 to 7 days depending on how well you take care of your skin before and after your session.  After day 5, begin exfoliating again to help with a more even fading of color.

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